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radical ideas

from 1945...

German inventor and HEALTH advocate JOSEPH PILATES WROTE A BOOK CALLED ‘RETURN TO LIFE...’ the phrase became profound to me after many months of hopelessness. chronic disease is not your natural state. challenge it. achieve total health liberty in this life as best you can...this is the ultimate liberty to be pain free and enjoying life to the full. pilates is a health campaign.




the only book i ever read cover to cover in one sitting is return to life. it is TINY...

Anyone who's known me in the last decade or so will know how much Pilates transformed my life.

I believe that for what’s left of my career in this field - I would like to do more to make Pilates universal knowledge and abundant for all. Not locked down and commodified by a select few.

*more on this soon...

My life has been so blessed and privileged by Pilates. Remembering that bouncy lycra clad noob who was starting Joe Pilates Cults in the 5 star establishments of Edinburgh...kind of cringe tbh.

the best thing about this job is by far and away seeing others go through that same process of growth and transformation.

“I did not know what a pelvis was”

Random Edinburgh MAn

first pilates sesssion

Dec 29th 2011

*possibly Iain Dunn

My journey to Pilates was a painful one

A ball ache to be exact, endless crippling mystery ball-ache... thankfully long in remission.

Most girls reading this are like - yeah no kidding peckerwood. Tiny Violin for your man pelvis and so-called pain! haha no it’s a thing - it’s not classic man territory possibly why i feel so compelled to speak on the topic despite all the obvious cringe scenarios this presents.

Being told to accept your crippling and embarrassing problem with no hope or remedy by someone who clearly has dubious detection methods and shows zero curiosity into the subject of which they are a supposed expert and are operating on you with apathy and casual disregard for your personhood - whilst depositing weird ideas about the body into your head... sorry rant there! that’s just called being a woman - endless mansplaining - i found myself at home in this field, what can i say. There needs to be a new level identified here - purgatory - Purgamany? - a state of having to constantly return to the same men for the same stupid nonsense for help.

Pelvis and Femur Poster Title Vector Illustration

I love when pilates is the antidote to all this, i do not love when it is being co-opted and ruined by institutions that wish to commodify and lock it down in the benefit of the business - this sucks.

the time will come when pilates exercises are the first mainstream response, not a fancy pants after thought...

2025 campaign...

video by Barry - need a vid let me know!

post blip...after the pandemic I mean things are so very different for us all. Perhaps let us welcome change in such awesome shifts have occured I am not the old me I am the new, this is a new age an epoch nova, i never wish to hear of a nation labouring to breathe and watch dr’s fail miserably to improve that with pilates approaches, we basically spend all day teaching folk healthier breathing and we missed our moment I think due to ignorance.

Covid was catastrophic to me in every way. Did it have to be as bad as it was? No of course not it should’ve been like most other island states tiny numbers, economic damage minor - not hundreds of thousands dead and a bankrupt country.

So to those who haven’t heard from me in a long time my principles, my politics might be a reason.

sympathetically I wish all well however same as my volunteer listening at the time when my loved ones were frontline in danger - your ignorance is what has resulted in the loss of friendships. People did not care. That changed me.

How many lives could have neen saved?

At first I had the denial response... So I get it; however if you were fighting to open your pub or gym while hundreds/thousands of deaths were - you and I are not from the same business gene pool so to speak.

These old photos are a great example of how well one can be, should one apply energies inward sufficiently. my current physique is what happens when you barely leave a laptop and the couch for a few years i’m like a method actor... calmly waiting for my next renaissance point is; it’s causality and therefor your disease is not your fault but a product of your environment…

photos by scott napier, he insisted on topless... something about moisture? I dunno... just did my thing...

i refused the baby oil, bit much...

THE GREAT Brett Moremon: ethereal being...

Brett was my mentor - i was lucky enough to attempt filling his shoes here in Edinburgh after the mothership called him home. He taught me how to drink like an Australian and crunch my abs like a German boxing legend from the 1890's he did more for me than any teacher before or since. My teacher - cheers you big brother from other mother.

teaser by Ifd photo by BM french alps 2012

A safe space for men with beards to point their toes in a manly fashion, or enjoy discussing superior love making without the drugs or weird stuff!

Old fashioned Pilates Studio over looking the tranquil oasis of commercial street. There’s some jazzy modern stuff here too not just refomer etc. Judge me for my massage gun, I care not.

This is a place of healing and transformation. Not ever once has it been a sex dungeon. No it has not thanks very much - have you seen the windows? So To whomever it is spreading this derogatory sex dungeon rumour firstly let me say - fuck you - second of all - comedy genius, hilarious…I’m not even slightly mad about that haha don’t even know if this is why business is so good here… - if it’s a competitor of mine even more hilarious back fire cha-ching!

meanwhile - yoga, reiki types and the many clever mindful people that have frequented and put their love into the place and have identified healing vibes built into it, great place to work from And teach moment I hope a little positive note in the lives of some.

When i was in here for the very first time I felt an overwhelming sense of destiny, fear and excitement in equal measure - was exhilarating. Yes I was sober. Although super fancy the shore sometimes well…it stinks.

Seriously though - it's oddly calm here despite the constant roaring din from the street but it's like floating above it all up here.

They will have to drag me out of here one day. kicking and screaming - cold dead hands etc.

I’ll be climbing these stairs until I can’t anymore.

Leith is home - I hope to keep improving our community in my other ventures also!

calling all parents & grandparents

we have a big problem out there the pandemic was just the beginning. you and I and our family’s future IS 99% probably screwed on current trajectory.

Our elders have failed to manage themselves or apply themselves in a way that would avoid catastrophe. I cannot sit on my hands and so I am asking for your help with all my campaigns.

Instead of planting trees under whos beauty and shade they shall never sit they are cutting down so many trees and releasing so much poison into the air and rivers and oceans that noone will be sitting under any trees.

Hand Pointing Right Illustration

a member of the senior voting group once said to me climate change is not as bad as chernobyl... we’re aw doomed economically, socially and environmentally by The voting habits of the over 55's - demographic majority responsibile for political self harm upon their own communities. is deeply ignorant or gorssly negligent on matters of climate change

fund pilates teaching in a broader and more accessible, inclusive way by supporting my campaigning activities via patreon, thank you!

various levels tbc - August 2024 is planned to re-open the studio & business’ll be able to come and use my equipment! SO get in touch below on new email address and ignore anything from previous email, as spam going forwards thank you!

Me teaching is dependent on my wellness so i have been a bit on/off since the blip etc...finding dori had better recall than i do, like her i have only recently become aware how bad this is...or it got worse a lot...whatever we are where we are! if you need me call no matter how long it’s been! :)

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adhd/add/asd awareness ribbon is orange thanks for being cool with my weirdness... life begins with awareness... awareness of these matters is life ruiningly bad... mental health crisis...if only somthing could be done... check out my freelance new age politics ideas! ...

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my politics is pragmatic, with spheres of apparent socialism and spheres of apparent capitalism. The world is not conveniently portioned out for us. I don’t know that health can ever be business… I do not struggle with paradox I allow for pragmatism this is an open source style of politics for open source thinking person. i wouldn’t be doing this if it were not for years of watching bernie never pick a team and always being a thought leader, champion of peace and tolerance even of what seems intolerable… this is my president in exile 🇺🇸 i take my international politics leadership from him I see no equal in politics. The Biden mess we now face is a result of sabotaging Bernie’s campaign in 2016 by the Clinton campaign. Corruption is why things are how they are. Al gore was a president in exile also… my intuition tells me this is super serious and fixing spines and hips and pelvises seem deserving a modest back burner for a couple of years :) forgive me this indulgence - thanks for reading - any help & support warmly welcomed.